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ArtStation vs. Behance: Which Platform is Better for Artists?

April 21, 2023 Articles
ArtStation vs. Behance: Which Platform is Better for Artists?

ArtStation and Behance are two of the most popular online platforms for artists and designers to showcase their work, connect with other professionals in the industry, and potentially sell their digital artwork. While both platforms offer similar functionalities, there are some critical differences between them that artists and designers should consider before choosing which platform to use.

Founding and Evolution:

ArtStation was founded in 2014 for digital artists, animators, and game developers. It has 2 million users and showcases some of the best digital artwork globally. Behance was founded in 2005 for creatives to showcase their work and connect with others in the industry. It is now owned by Adobe and has over 18 million registered users worldwide.

User Interface:

ArtStation’s minimalist interface focuses on artwork with a grid-based layout, easy navigation, a search bar, and filters. Behance’s cluttered layout has more options and links on the homepage but offers customization options for users to curate their portfolios.


ArtStation and Behance are both known for their large communities of artists and designers. While ArtStation attracts more professional artists and game developers, Behance has a mix of professional and amateur creatives. ArtStation has a more selective curation process, featuring only the best artwork on its website. In contrast, Behance is more inclusive, allowing anyone to upload their work, resulting in a larger pool of artwork to choose from.


ArtStation has unique features such as the ability to sell artwork directly from the platform, job listings, and a marketplace for 3D models and assets. Behance offers features such as Adobe Creative Cloud integration and the ability to create custom portfolios. ArtStation’s features are more focused on the needs of artists and game developers, while Behance’s features cater to a wider range of creatives.


ArtStation is known for its high-quality curation process, which means that the artwork on the platform is of a higher standard. This curation process results in more exposure for the featured artists, with a higher chance of being discovered by potential clients or employers. Behance’s open approach means that there is a lot of content to compete with, which can make it harder for artists to get noticed.

NFT Selling Tools:

ArtStation has specialized tools for selling NFTs, while Behance does not offer a built-in NFT system. ArtStation Marketplace allows artists to sell their digital artworks as unique, blockchain-based assets and set their own royalty rates for secondary sales. Behance users can still sell NFTs by linking to external marketplaces in their portfolio or project descriptions.

Cost and Subscription:

ArtStation and Behance offer both free and paid subscription options. ArtStation’s free basic plan has limited features and uploads, while the ArtStation Pro plan costs $9.95 per month and offers unlimited uploads and more advanced features. Behance is free, but Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers can upgrade to a premium account for $9.99 per month to access extra features.

Rank in Search Engine:

according to SimilarWeb data, Behance ranks higher in terms of overall traffic and engagement, with a global ranking of 365 and an average visit duration of 5 minutes and 15 seconds. ArtStation, on the other hand, has a global ranking of 1,261 and an average visit duration of 4 minutes and 13 seconds.


Overall, both ArtStation and Behance offer valuable opportunities for artists and designers to showcase their work online. However, for those looking to quickly establish a presence and sell NFTs, ArtStation’s specialized tools and more selective curation process may be the better option.

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